sitting on Volterra's red circle


Originally from Washington D.C. (Capitol Hill to be precise), Annie received her B.A. from Brown University and has lived in Volterra since 1998. She is an authorized tour guide of the area specialized in Italian history, art history and folklore. She is married to fellow guide and sommelier Francesco Gronchi.

For the past 18 years they have run TuscanTour, a small company specialized in personalized tours of Tuscan towns & wineries, and Tuscan weddings.

For more information on our tours or weddings you can write to us at


  1. Annie, took your tour today. I wanted to let you know we thoroughly enjoyed it. Afterwards we visited the museums you talked about. Both are true gems. We will be back to spend more time in the Volterra area next year.


  2. Hello, I came across your name watching a youtube video about Volterra at Dennis Callan channell and got amazed by how confident you talked in such a charismatic way about the town, its history, arts and facts. I’d like to congratulate you for that interesting and deep performance. The VANITAS concept explanation and how it was applied in the town geography is brilliant. I lived a year and half in Florence and regret the fact that never been at Volterra. Shameful. Well, many thanks.

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    • thank you for your generous words – and to Dennis Callan for doing that video! I believe the more we travel, the more we realize how much more there is to see… so happy travels, both virtual and real.


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